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Bronn's Quest WIP

Posted by marblesyrup - April 6th, 2016




Dude, the colour scheme of her outfit as well as the pose reminds me of an X-Men comic I had once read, one where the Diamond chick from First Class was a Head Master in Charles Xavier's School for Mutants. Just felt I'd mention that random and unhelpful thought that came across my mind.

Other than that, personally. I think this woman looks smoking hot and I can't wait until I get the chance to pixel bang her in the next released story quest you've titled as "Bronn's Quest".

looking forward to it

Good stuff. Any news on when your newest game will be available to play for non patrons?

when should we expect it?

It's done when it's done.

dayum. Well ill be waiting urgently for this, if its half as good as the previous games it'll be amazing. keep up the good work. i wish i could support y'all on pateron.

Very excited.

I freakin love it! <3 <3

Character design done right.

Looking good!

i can already tell the games gonna be gr8


We'll release a demo of a separate game on Newgrounds soon. After that, Bron's Quest.

When should we expect it?

I can't wait to play it!

If it's anything like your last games, I'm sure it will be a masterpiece. As usual, keep up the hardwork guys.

Any updates on the beta release?

Any info on the release guys?

Excited af for this Game!!!!

She is definitely well-endowed with great assets. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Man it's been 2 years p-p

Rome wasn't built in a day, bud.

thanks for replying to my review, i can't really reply to it. i also saw that you replied to pretty much all of them so i get that you read them quite fast, and thus it is reasonable that you missed some bits:

"We don't put up ads for anyone."
"...I guess if you were not a patron a line or 2 of dialog isn't bad." basically the lines 'Oh, so that's your fetish? Well why aren't you playing with the "virgin" cheat activated then?' 'It's, Uh... I'm not a premium plus patreon...' (should be patron as well, the site is called patreon, not the supporters, minor quibble though).
it is easy to miss the reference, and it isn't a traditional ad, and i did say it really isn't a big deal.

"I'm thankful you supported usfor 18 months but calling that "a price" that was "steep" is ridiculous when the real cost toget access to 3 finished games + 2 unfinished ones is exactly $1 and you personally chose to support us for longer by your own volition."
"On the up side the previous games is worth the money spent on the team for that $18 bucks so I paid a reasonable price overall (Crusoe Had It Easy and Re:Maid)."
so i pretty much said as much as well, not a bad amount at all for the work you have done in the past, no regrets at all, you already earned it.

"You also mention "bugs" but don't actually list any..."
"You can dead end the game with dialog choices."
not a traditional bug, but it is programming with an undesired consequence requiring one to restart the game. (i assume/hope it is undesired)

again i get that you had a lot to read, and i have a habit of not making things too easy to read (old habit to keep trolls away from the darker days of the internet). i also think in time it will be a great game.

The game is officially dead at this point, 4 whole years and we have only the beta.

So ends the legacy of MarbleSyrup

marbles you still alive love ya bud