Re-Maid Beta

2015-11-25 06:56:32 by marblesyrup

5414334_144845247453_hanaerika.pngHi guys! We've released a 2nd beta for our (semi-) new game "Re-Maid" over at Patreon for $5+ pledgers! The game will eventually make it over to Newgrounds, but if you want to get it while it's hot, help us develop these games, and also get access to cheats/premium in-game content... please consider pledging!


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2015-12-01 08:51:00

Shut up and take my money!


2015-12-03 11:17:29

Looks good


2015-12-13 18:35:15

keep up good work man


2015-12-30 03:04:41

i love this game
please make the continuation


2016-01-02 23:24:06

You became one of my favorites around newgrounds with this game, i'll do my best to support your work.

marblesyrup responds:

Thank you!


2016-01-03 20:55:53

When will the game be released? Sorry for my impatience but I'm looking forward to this game :)

marblesyrup responds:

Check our Patreon for updates.


2016-01-05 20:53:43

if i could, i would donate all i have but i cant in my current situation. Anyways, i really like the content you guys make, especially re-maid. It just seems so alive and you can really relate to whats going on in the guys head. I like the depth, it makes you re-play it several times just to find an extra line the you haven't read yet. Hope you can get enough support to keep the content going in the future and even further improve the experience. I will try to support soon hopefully. bugs i found: Ericas eyes obviously, Erica will mention drinking even if you don't make her drink, some random sound errors (sound cuts out sometimes) (might be my end somehow). No more i noticed, overall wellmade.


2016-01-07 23:03:26

do you accept bodies? cus i'd love to donate my body. ;;;))))))))


2016-01-16 01:01:33

Man, this must be one of the greatest "eroge"-type games. It could even go head to head with Zone-sama.