Crusoe Had It Easy Sequel

2015-09-24 06:34:33 by marblesyrup

Hi guys, after mulling it over for a while, we've decide we're going to do start working on a sequel to the "Regrets" ending of "Crusoe Had It Easy" if we can hit our $15,000 milestone goal on our Patreon in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. in the next 3-4 months). The idea is to do this as a proper long-form game in parallel with the other stuff we're already working on. If there's enough interest, it'll happen! But we'll need to see a surge of support from you guys. If you liked the original but were on the fence whether to back us or not... fucking go for it, man!


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2015-09-25 12:41:32

If there's animated stuff and less static dullness then it may be worth it.


2015-10-03 07:56:28

I think you guys would get better ratings on the game if you added the true ending to the choices of starting points. in my opinion i couldnt bring myself to get the regret ending


2015-10-27 03:35:12

Looking forward to it.

*got the 7th ending first*


2015-10-31 20:33:57

I got the Regrets ending first, it was really hard for me to get the gentleman ending...guess i'm a perv


2015-11-06 03:25:06

How's "My housemate's re-maid" going?

marblesyrup responds:

Almost done!