Elf and "Cat Girl" Cheats for Crusoe Had It Easy

2015-07-26 02:40:20 by marblesyrup

5414334_143789246583_newcheats3.pngHi guys! Just letting you know that we are adding 2 more cheats to "Crusoe Had It Easy" for our $10 backers. These cheats either make Sophie a "cat girl" or turn her into an elf, and affect both character sprites as well as sex scenes/CG's. There will also be some new lines etc. in the story for either of these cheats. We might just have her say "nyaa" after every single line, if that's what you perverts want.

Unlike the other cheats which are immediately available as soon as you become a backer, we will send these cheats out in August only to those who backed us at the $10 level in July and whose payments went through without problems - so if you're interested in getting your hands on these new ways of playing the game, make sure you're backing before the end of the month! Patreon usually begins collecting the money around the 27th or 28th, so get to it!



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does the artist have an art blog or pixiv?