Entry #1


2015-07-22 22:01:27 by marblesyrup


It's been almost a week since we released Crusoe Had It Easy, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The game's average score is 4.27 - if it hadn't been an A-rated title, we would probably have won both Daily Feature and a Weekly Award. Totally awesome!

Both Ben and Taxcup (our writers) are hard at work on new stories and we hope to have a new game released by early September at latest.

We want to keep releasing games for free, but at the same time, the four of us would love to do this fulltime. The only income we have is our Patreon so if you'd like to support us with more than just words and actually help make our dreams become reality (and our games become richer) please consider pledging! Any amount, no matter how small, will help.


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2015-07-24 00:16:18

Marblesyrup, I wish I had money right now, so I can have walkthroughs on all your wonderful novels, because I really want to get some good endings...

marblesyrup responds:

Thanks! There are some available online though, if you Google it. Not as detailed as the official one, though ;)


2015-07-26 07:31:31

loved the game. cant wait for the next one. lots of choices feels very unique compared to the other newground games i've played