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I've actually been looking forward to this for weeks now.
What exactly are the differences between the backer version and the Newgrounds version? You mentioned it's nicer-looking but i hope that doesn't mean people on NG will have a lazy and buggy (in the sense that it will have hundreds of bugs instead of the occasional few that every game has) product, that would be a real shame and could potentially give you a slightly lower score.

Big fan of Crusoe and your Maid game, hope to see more from you guys in the future.

Hi Radaketor, Obviously we're not going to introduce bugs only into the web version..? I don't quite get your train of thought here.

The patreon/Newgrounds versions will essentially be the same except the web version will be horribly compressed to bring the file size down from 50 mb to 10-15 mb, making the graphics look worse. This is out of necessity more than anything else.

The larger point though is that the $5 and $10 backer exclusive stuff makes a good game fucking awesome, and it'd be a shame to miss out on it.

I meant to ask if the NG version would have a less well-polished version, like for example you'd finish the game, fix some obvious bugs and so on, then while putting the little extras for the backers in the backer version you'd find some more bugs and fix them while not bothering to fix the ones in the public version. I'm glad to hear that won't be the case, though.

Hm, the compression can be a problem, is it by any chance because NG can't take larger games than 15MB? I never actually knew that was the limit (i mean i knew there had to be some limit but didn't know it could be that). Meh, it'll still (hopefully) be as good looking as the chapter 1 game you sent out, out of curiosity, was that one compressed as well?

Yeah, i wish i had actual money to donate to your patreon but i'm pretty broke, luckily by submitting your stuff to Newgrounds you're showing it to a very big audience, bringing you even more supporters. Ah well, i can live with the free web version.


The actual limit is 100 Mb for swf games, 250Mb for html5 games.
I'm guessing you're putting up a more condensed version to cut on loading times.
Good luck with the patreon thing, your games are pretty good.

Do $1 backers have access to the full game right now?


Hello, I need a big help. I can't use my debit card in the patreon page so I tried my paypal to support you but there was no option to send money through paypal. so I am wondering if I sent $1 through paypal can I have the 50MB version of this game? Thanks. if the game is good, I might probably send more.

Sorry, no. Get your card sorted.

So it's Monday..... Where is it?

yo, where it at

so where is it?

I am sorry to inform you that, I decided to unfollow you as I am not satisfied with the game. I couldn't get this path. http://i.imgur.com/UdLU4km.png

Follow who the heck you like, I don't give a rat's ass, but if you leave 4-5 sour messages declaring this on our page (that I deleted)? Then say hi to my banhammer...

Just a few more hours 'til you'll have missed your self-appointed deadline in all global timezones. Please, Marble, don't disappoint your less financially viable fans by failing to deliver what we've been waiting so long for.

Keep your panties on, we got it out 15 minutes past midnight (PST). That's... almost not missed! Not missed at all for our Hawaiian fans!

Hi, thank you for making this game! It's really good, I really do enjoy the variety of different paths and endings, adds for a lot of replay value. Only issue is I can't get to the Hana ending, do you have any tips? I tried to follow the comments and to give Hana the right impression, but she always ends up with Kenji, do you have any tips? Would me much appreciated.